Mentoring and writing coach services

Ginny East Shaddock

Author - Writing Teacher

It takes time to read other people's work, and time to contemplate what that work needs to evolve to a stronger story, poignant essay, or (if we are lucky) a literary masterpiece. Although I want to be as supportive as possible to all fellow writers, with so many students and limited time I can't read everyone's work and give them the focused feedback they may be seeking to get to the next level as a writer. My first suggestion always is to attend one of my writing classes to gain the valuable feedback and to absorb and practice the lessons offered. This will provide you the inspiration and the tools to progress as a writer for very little investment. The progressive format of the group classes at Heartwood provides endless opportunity for growth, as well as detailed critiques on individual writing. (An earnest student will learn as much from outsider's critiques as they learn from their own!)

If you feel strongly that you are at a point in your writing development where you can best reach your goals with one on one attention, or if you are preparing a piece for submission to an editor, a contest, or writing program, I am also available as a personal writing coach for reasonable fees (at a fraction of the industry standards) because I truly do want to support and encourage writers to learn, grow, and see their authentic work come to fruition.

To get the most of this service, I advise you begin with one chapter or example of writing so you can apply the feedback to the rest of the material as it unfolds or is rewritten. If you have a fully completed manuscript that you feel needs overall assessment and feedback, of course I can work with you on a bigger piece as well.

As your writing mentor, I will read your manuscript, then schedule an appointment with you to give feedback, make suggestions, and help you find solutions to whatever problems can be addressed. I will discuss the overall structure, pacing, and themes of your work, as well as share whatever insight I can in regards to plot development, dialogue, description, sentence structure, and any other elements that may be improved with coaching to make your work the best it can be. I do not do line editing, and I am not interested in ghost  writing or doing rewriting for you. I only work as a coach to help students improve as writers and artists.  It is your story to tell, and I simply want to help you tell it well.

The reading/assessment fee is a penny a word or approximately $2.50 a page, and I will follow up each 25-50 page submission with a one hour consultation and critique.  There is a $50.00 minimum fee for any work less than 20 pages.

To schedule coaching, please provide me with a sample of your work, as well as a letter stating your goals as a writer and what you hope to achieve by working with me as your mentor. If I believe I can help you with your project or enhance your development as an author, we can make arrangements. I look forward to our pending collaboration.